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The main activity of “Reduktori” company is production of high strength industry gearboxes, making gears with big dimensions etc. “Reduktori” company was founded in 2007. thanks to the ownersbig enthusiasm and several years of experience, as well as former workers of Min Fitip company who worked on making gearboxes.In 2010., after Min Fitip company was closed, the need to continue production and programs was felt, so it became the primary program of “Reduktori” company. Today, our gearboxes are moving conveyors on surface mining of thermal power plants, mines, quarries etc.

Gearbox Gallery

We are making gearboxes by request of buyers, based on output strength and rpm.

Making quality gearboxes in our company is possible using the high technology that is followed by technologically specialized machines. With the right choice of good materials and fine processing the inside of gearbox, our gearboxes are compact, with small weight and big strength transfer at the same time. Inside of gearbox is made of steel for cementation, with gear grinding.


Our Products

Making spare parts, big dimension gears, reparation of old gearboxes.

“Reduktori” company is also making spare parts for:

  • ironworks, power plants, quarries…
  • transport systems (cranes, elevators)
  • building machines (excavators, bulldozers CAT, JCB, O&K, loaders…)
  • graphic machines (gears, rag wheels, cylinderers)
  • food industry (bakery, dairy)



Rounded production provides quality parts producing and reliability in work.

Installed capacities of our company allow fast and quality work. “Reduktori” company has high number of machines in its section and that help us to round technological process of making machine parts. All of this puts “Reduktori” company in line with leading companies for producing gearboxes, in our country.